CRASHERS: Art from Spain, Berlin and Beyond

CRASHERS: Art from Spain, Berlin and Beyond

Los Angeles-based curator IdolWild partners with Spain’s Swinton Gallery for it’s premiere international art exhibit at Keystone Art Gallery.

In a collaborative effort, Los Angeles-based Curator’s IdolWild and Spain’s Swinton Gallery, will come together in Los Angeles to present a group art exhibit that is some what outsider in nature, and fervent with experiences beyond the United States border. While a wall of insecurity is looming, curator IdolWild summons visual refuge, exposing the undercurrents of the European art scene.

Crashers: Art from Spain, Berlin and Beyond, gathers the artistic insights from a selection of exciting, multi-disciplinary artists of Spanish descent. Representing countries from all over South America and Europe, this group of emerging artists were hand selected by Goyo Villasevil and Sergio Bang, Directors of the prestigious Swinton Gallery in Madrid, Spain. Swinton Gallery works with courageous artists who dare to publicly announce strong, personal opinions. For Crashers: Art from Spain, Berlin and Beyond, artists were asked to create works that would be loud, impeding, and disrupting normality for it’s spectators. “I feel it’s important to have a cultural and artistic dialogue between nations, especially now.”, explains IdolWild’s Micke Tong. “This is a great opportunity to share artwork from a spectrum of multidisciplinary artists that the community of Los Angeles would probably not have been able to encounter otherwise.”

Artist’s participating include SABEK (SPN), Andrés Senra (SPN), Mario Mankey (BLN), Rurru Mipanochia (MEX), Alice Pasquini (ITA), Javier Iglesias GNOSICK (SPN), Judas Arrieta (SPN), Víctor Solana (SPN), Alaniz (ARG), Alberto M. Centenera (SPN), David De La Mano (Uruguay), S.A.M. (SPN), Raisa Maudit (SPN), and AnimalitoLand (ARG).

Crashers: Art from Spain, Berlin and Beyond, will take place at Keystone Art Gallery, an exhibition space that houses over 50 artists studios in the district of Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, California. This event will be open to the public and will run from March 18-27, 2017. Opening reception will be Saturday, March 18, 2017 from 7pm-11pm. The reception will offer live performance by L.A. Drones at 10pm, as well as refreshments and giveaways. The event will be free and open to the public. Please be advised there will be mature content present.

About Swinton Gallery
Swinton Gallery is situated in the informal Arts District of Lavapiés, where it has commissioned various art murals and exhibits. Swinton Gallery also prides itself on community art organizing to help local and global artist’s obtain opportunities for residencies, visual art commerce and aid in furthering creative career advancement.

About IdolWild
IdolWild is the moniker of curator and artist Micke Tong. Tong has been involved in producing independent art projects and events for almost twenty years. He originally hails from the Bay Area, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in New Media from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. Now a resident of Los Angeles, he strives to continue his practice of art and curatorial dedication through IdolWild, a self-funded passion project fostering creative ideas, exhibits and opportunities for artists and galleries alike.

About L.A. Drones
Hailing from Madrid, Spain and born in Los Angeles, L.A. Drones! are electronic synth manipulators. Once upon a time, two eternal L.A.Drones! (“thieves” in Spanish) named Kontrol Remoto and Darlingtonia Brackets pierced the line delimiting the real and the unreal and crash landed in Los Angeles. Harnessing the magic hidden in the prime numbers and the energy in the sound frequencies produced in the universe, these two could observe and assimilate the most interesting music in decades. They met near the minimalism of Terry Riley, the proto electronic of Silver Apples, the dronic rock of the Velvets, the Kraut of Cluster, Neu, Can and Kraftwerk, and adore Brian Eno as a living demigod.

For More Information Please Contact:
Swinton Gallery

Director Goyo Villasevil
Curator Micke Tong

Exhibit Dates:
March 18-27, 2017
Opening Reception Saturday, March 18, 2017
7:00 pm – 11:00 PM

338 S. Ave 16, Los Angeles, CA

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